Death, Life and everything in between!

I heard about the tragic passing of someone I had known all my life and someone I loved very dearly. My heart sank and I could feel a pain so excruciating as if a part of my body was cut off. In the first few seconds, I could only picture him and a white aura emanating from him, that kept expanding until it engulfed me entirely. I could feel the void already and did not know what life would be like thereon. A person was gone; a story had ended. Once there was, once there wasn’t.

The survivors go through a long traumatic period before they can adjust to the new reality, but have you wondered what happens to the dearly departed? Do they cease to exist in all realms or is there an afterlife? Well, there are several beliefs and theories that support the existence of afterlife and some that deny it altogether, but no mortal can confirm it. 

A popular belief is that only the physical body withers, but the soul lives on. However, per the eternal oblivion, one’s consciousness ceases at death. The former school of thought, backed by religion and spiritualty, is further segregated as those who believe that the spirit lives on in another spiritual realm (Heaven or Hell) and the other believes in rebirth.

Rebirth is the endless cycle and you are stuck in it until you accumulate so much of good Karma that you become one with the Almighty or, in other words, achieve Nirvana. Upon death from one life, the soul re-enters the metaphysical world with no memory of previous birth/death. I wonder how the world would be if the soul remembered everything from past life, all the good or bad it did to others and all the good or bad that happened to it. Life would be so much more complicated than this.

I believe that there was one consciousness (you could call it one big energy ball), which divided itself into incorporeal essence of the living beings (the soul). Once the soul disconnects from the one energy source, it loses its luster.  By doing good Karma, may be, our soul gets its sheen back (one sparkle at a time), and the brighter it shines, the stronger is the pull from the one energy source, and sooner the soul merges with the one energy source. May be, our life purpose is to find a way back to that one consciousness. 

It is said just when the person is about to die, in those last few minutes of consciousness, our whole life flashes in front of us. I just hope that while watching this biopic, I am content and happy with the life I led, and I hope I do not have any regrets. This would be my version of Nirvana. I hope I die with my loved ones around, and they can remember me as the one who lived a beautiful life. That would be my Heaven. 

None of us know which theory is the reality or maybe the reality is something else altogether that we cannot even comprehend, but what we know with certainty is this moment. I have the power and strength to make this moment larger than life or I could even choose to while it away. It is always my choice.


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